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Owner and Lead Instructor

Paul Tosca 

     Paul Tosca is a former staff instructor with the Golf Channel Academy and currently a member of the Proponent Group, an association of golf teaching professionals that support each other by exchanging ideas on best practices to run a professional teaching operation and sharing the latest teaching trends in golf.  The goal is to make their clients get better in the most efficient and cost effective way to improve their skills and increase satisfaction.

     Paul was mentored by Coach Mark Polich, a long-time Golf Channel Academy Lead Instructor, and he has since taught over 3,500 lessons since he began his career as a golf teaching professional in the fall of 2017.   Paul has worked with all skill levels that include working and retired adults, mini-tour golf professionals, high school athletes and competitive junior golfers.  He has also been recognized by as a Best Golf Instructor for 2020, 2021 and 2022. recognized Paul as a Top Pro for 2020!

     Paul grew up right here in the Old Pueblo and is a University of Arizona Alumnus.  He has a family with three boys and is passionate about the sport of golf and its traditions.  You can trust he will bring that passion to improving your golf game!

Coach Paul Tosca

Staff Instructor

Andrew MacFarlane

     Andrew is the newest member to join the Good 2 Great Golf team.  He recently moved from St. Paul, MN to Tucson to pursue his career of golf instruction full-time in the desert southwest.

       Andrew is excited to help Good 2 Great Golf customers understand what is causing their frustration with inconsistency.  He draws his expertise from his travels across the U.S. in pursuit of learning from the best and most experienced instructors in the country.  He has shadowed numerous top-tier coaches to include Mike Adams, Terry Rowles, Dr. Kwon and John Dahl.

     Andrew's coaching philosophy is "test, don't guess," which is inspired by the renowned Mike Adams BioSwing Dynamics methodology.  The bedrock of this approach is fitting the golf swing to how his clients move and their individual physical abilities.   The results speak for themselves as Andrew has proven that his students, from beginners to plus handicaps, have seen quick improvement.

     One of the many reasons Andrew was selected to join the Good 2 Great Golf is his experience using cutting-edge technology.  Andrew has been trained to use the Trackman 4 launch monitor, Smart 2 Move 3D force plates and SportsBox AI, which creates a 3-dimensional avatar of his students making their swing.   

     He is ready to help you end the frustration, become more consistent and have more fun playing golf.  

Andrew Head shot (updated).JPG
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