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About Flowcode

     Golf is a 100% mental game and as such requires us to develop a consistent and effective mental approach in which we want to experience optimal performance on the golf course. Experience shows that most golfers do not undergo any mental training and solely rely on their technical improvements, so in many aspects this is a generally neglected part of golf practice.

     On the other hand, research and experience from professional golfers show, that the right mental approach is crucial for tapping into the optimal golf performance, unveiling completely new layers & levels of advancements. FlowCode® Golf Academy, based on the principles of the FlowCode®, offers an effective and straightforward approach to the mental golf preparation by applying the latest cutting edge scientific know how of the flow state, while taking a leap forward in understanding how to apply it to the game of golf in an optimal way.

    A Good 2 Great Golf coach can get you started on your journey to flow by assessing your current mental approach skills, setting short and long-term goals and offering numerous opportunities to train your mental skills through workshops, virtual golf and on-course mental skills training sessions.

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