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Can you hold your finish?

Ask yourself; "Can I hold my finish after my golf swing?" If the answer is "No," you are most likely doing something early in your backswing or out of position in the downswing that causes you to fall back or be off-balance. There are a number of issues that high handicap golfers do to cause this problem. One leading cause is still having more pressure under the trail foot (right foot for right-handed players) as they reach the top of their backswing. When this happens, the player does not have the ability to start the downswing using the pressure under their leading (left) foot. Subsequently, the hands/arms start early in the downswing sequence and the swing results in the player falling back as the arms swing around the body. Have you ever seen an NFL quarterback throw the football off their back foot? The pass is usually weak and falls short. It is a similar concept in the golf swing. The video should help give you a better understanding of this concept.

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