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Golf Practice Gem: Purposeful Practice Trigger

Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise by Anders Ericsson and Robert Pond (2016) culminates thirty years of research of expert performers. Deliberate purposeful practice must have a catalyst, or a trigger. The big kicker for the trigger is that it must be unpleasant. Unpleasant can simply mean feeling something different. In the example presented today we have an 8 iron golf shot, but the trigger during the entire process is total awareness on the left foot. Not simply the left foot, but a balanced left foot between the heel and knuckles of the big toe and little toe. Pre-shot practice swings were used to increase awareness of the desired total foot balance, and the shots were made with only that focus. The results were very good.

Practice backswing felt in toes, not acceptable. Do it again. Notice 67% pressure on the toes.

Next practice swing felt the balanced connection of the triangle between the heel, and toe knuckles.

Actual shot pressure a little on the heel, but you're going to have an error thats within an acceptable range.

In our experiment today the only mental awareness trigger is a balanced left foot, no other interference concerning the swing or emotional result. In addition to the trigger the most important thing we do is to accept what happens; keep focus on the trigger regardless of the result.

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