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I'm Old and Lost My Flexibility

We've all said it or heard it at one time or another. As you age you loose strength and flexibility. I guess that true for everything. You watch a flower grow, young and beautiful, even smells good. Then as it ages it's fades, it droops, petals don't open anymore - I'm getting pretty sad here, but WAIT! The flower didn't have a choice; YOU DO! When you're a golfer you have the choice to maintain strength and flexibility as much as you want. One of the best ways to do both is to use Rotex Motion equipment for five to ten minutes per day. Rotex was developed by Dr. Joe LaCase. He wanted to make available a system to develop and maintain functional movement for golf and life. Here at Good2Great Golf we warm up or even train with Rotex to practice moving our golfers body, loosen those hips, increase range. of motion, and hit it farther.

If you haven't done your assessment yet, or scheduled your next lesson you can complete a booking online at:

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