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Good 2 Great Golf

      Good 2 Great Golf coaches are ready to guide you through your transition from a "Good 2 Great" golfer.    They are passionate about helping students excel in golf, and sincerely enjoy seeing them get better and hear about their all-time low rounds.  Go to the student testimonial pages to read the stories yourself.

     On day one, a Good 2 Great Golf coach takes the time to understand each of your goals, current frustrations, your learning style and physical issues, so that they can provide a customized plan that will maximize your potential to make long-term improvements.  The Trackman 4 launch monitor is used during your lesson, which is the gold standard in monitors that tracks both ball and club data.   After each lesson, you will receive an individualized written practice plan in addition to a video screencast describing the most effective drills to improve your golf swing. 

     Good 2 Great Golf coaches also specialize on the mental side of playing golf by helping you to identify the best pre-shot routine, visualization techniques, and course strategy.  So don't wait to schedule your swing assessment to start your transition from a "Good 2 Great" golfer that will end your frustration and bring years of enjoyment out on the links!

Coach Paul Tosca

Good 2 Great Golf 
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"Patience and Commitment to the Process will Reward the Golfer."
- Paul  Tosca -
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