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First and only location in Arizona!

 3D Dual Force Plates from Smart 2 Move

All golfers use ground reaction forces to make their golf swing.  But force is invisible so most do not understand how to maximize their use of these forces.  Good 2 Great Golf students quickly learn to master ground reaction forces by precise measurement and complete accuracy with Smart 2 Move 3D force plates.  Good 2 Great Golf is the first and only location in Arizona to offer Smart 2 Move 3D force plates which integrates with Trackman data.


Testimonial from Mike Adams

#2 golf digest top 50 best teachers | World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame Inductee | 2016 PGA National Teacher of the Year | GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher | 5 Time Section Teacher of the Year

 "The S2M Kistler 3D Plates are a game changer. The best investment I ever made in my teaching career was purchasing the S2M Kistler 3D Force Plates. They eliminate the guess work. I would not be the teacher I am today without the wealth of knowledge and information the S2M 3D Plates has provided me."

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