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Don't Always Believe the Ball

As a golf swing coach, I often find myself telling the student that you executed the movement or technique correctly when he or she is shaking their head because the ball didn't go the direction or distance that they expected. This worries me that students find it difficult to feel or recognize that they performed the swing correctly because they focused on the result and not the process. In their mind, the less than desired result equates to a poor swing or the wrong movement. Essentially, the student is getting in their own way of making progress with improving their swing. As a matter of fact, the student may even go back to their old swing which is fundamentally incorrect because they feel they will get better results. In reality, their compensations in the swing will not hold up and frustration will set back into their game.

So what is the solution to this dilemma? My first recommendation is for the student to have a specific intention for what he or she is trying to accomplish in their practice session. Then find a way to confirm you are actually doing what you are intending to do by watching yourself in a mirror or use a smartphone to video your practice swings every so often. Secondly, invest in lessons with a qualified swing coach that will guide you through a training program that is custom tailored to your swing. A customized coaching plan with regular assessments is the most effective method to making long-term improvements and avoiding short-term fixes that never hold up and lead to inconsistency and frustration. This video illustrates how a very solid technique and golf swing doesn't always have a good result so my advice is don't always believe the ball!

Coach Paul Tosca

Owner / Lead instructor

Good 2 Great Golf

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